Welcome Mijntje Koerts

Driverslist updated.   Prices for the best driver per country at this moment Country Ind. Best Driver Austria  €               – Belgium 2  €        70,00 Columbia Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark 4  €        90,00 Faroe Islands France Germany 11  €      160,00 Greece Hungary Italy 1  €        60,00 Netherlands 23  €      280,00 Poland Portugal Slovakia Spain Switzerland […]

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december 6th, 2019

Reserve training

To reserve training courses you can send an e-mail with desired times to joop@kartingzeeland.nl The times are then reserved on the go-kart track. You can make the payment during the IEKC on the spot.

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december 6th, 2019

Special Country Prize

Special country prize, new this year with the IEKC 2020: There is a special prize for the best rider from every participating country. The best driver from Germany for example wins € 50 + € 10 times the number of participants from his country. This applies to participants from every country. In this way we […]

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december 2nd, 2019

Speciale landen prijs

Speciale landenprijs, nieuw dit jaar bij de IEKC 2020: Voor de beste rijder uit ieder deelnemend land is er een speciale prijs. De beste rijder uit bijvoorbeeld Duitsland wint €50 + €10 keer het aantal deelnemers uit zijn land. Dit geld voor deelnemers uit ieder land. Op deze manier willen we rijders uit het buitenland […]

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december 2nd, 2019

Welcome Logan Sougne

Driverslist updated 1/12/2019 Country Ind. Austria Belgium 2 Columbia Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark 4 Faroe Islands France Germany 11 Greece Hungary Italy 1 Netherlands 20 Poland Portugal Slovakia Spain Switzerland United Kingdom 1 Onbekend Totaal 39

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december 1st, 2019